Product Description

Sunki Body Care Advanced

Essential oils are the best beauty products in the world and the best choice for weight loss. Essential oil molecules are small, it easy to absorb. Our essential oils are 100% natural plant extracts, it activate cells, increase skin vitality, and have no hormones and side effects. Anti-inflammatory bactericidal effect. 
Cassia helps to improve the figure, tighten the loose skin. Promote blood circulation, anti-aging, clear skin warts. Improve the circulatory system and menstrual problems, such as: Dysmenorrhea, less menstrual, premenstrual abdominal distension. 
Ginger essence is a woman's patron saint of God, only know how to match the use, in order to play a real value! Ginger is warming and remove wet sweat, relieve pain , promote digestion, with massage to promote blood circulation, metabolism of body water efficacy, detoxification, slimming, firming. 
Vanillin aromatic plants contain many medicinal ingredients, often used to purify and treat body and mind, aromatherapy, mainly refers to the use of essential oils extracted from aromatic plants to take advantage of massage. Scientifically proven, and some adjustable central nervous system, Not only can clean the body, moisturize the skin, also to eliminate muscle soreness, stabilize the nerves, promote blood circulation, relieve unexplained insomnia. Undoubtedly, a lifetime of tension is a good thing to reduce stress. Let people get close to the natural feeling, relax the nerves of body and mind, self-reflection and nature, so as to obtain harmony and health. 
Palm kernel oil contains large amounts of medium-chain fatty acid C-12 "lauric acid", can quickly be absorbed by the skin, and achieve deep moisturizing effect. Its characteristics are very similar to those of coconut oil, but less irritating to the skin than coconut oil.