iSecret Anti-Germs Spray Lime Eucalyptus - Family Size 59ml

Model: ISS007

Hong Kong

Product Description

iSecret Spray Lime & Eucalyptus - Family Size 59ml

Promoted by multiple local and Asian media, iSecret blends from various 100% natural essential oil; it is an alcoholic free ‘pure essential oil perfume’ without artificial flavour. When you spray on your clothes, the sense of perfume stays there. The pure essential oil and antibacterial spray not only prevents influenza, but also purifies the air. It replaces all kinds of products such as synthetic essence, air fresheners and chemical antiseptic spray that cause damage to our skin and our health.

The unique iSecret is chosen by medical practitioners. It is also being promoted in many beauty and organic resources talks.

Multiple usage on freshening and antibacterial:
1. Perfume stays on clothes after spraying’ ”Proactively prevents influenza”
2. Toilet water surface has a unique antibacterial membrane ”Proactively prevents germ and odor”
3. Purifies air.   4. Area of pet.    5. beds     6. Public facilities etc…