Product Description

Sunki Facial Cream with Organic Sunflower Seed

Sunflower seeds and Camellia Oil contains a variety of highly antioxidants, plus coenzyme Q10 directly into the underlying skin, moistening and activate cells. Quickly smoothes fine lines, wrinkles, make dull skin return to shiny and elastic. Organic Maca can balance hormones, control facial oil. Also prevent ultraviolet light cause skin damage. People feel radiant. Rosehip seed oil can reduce pigmentation, to achieve whitening effect, thus desalination melanin until it disappears, make eye circles recovery shiny, can also provide a wealth of nutrients to skin cells to repair, can repair facial stay scars, smooth bump holes. Organic Lecithin helps the skin surface form a thin protective layer, can effectively reduce external damage and irritation to the skin, and reduce their allergy phenomenon. Lecithin has excellent transdermal absorption effect, make the skin care products effective ingredients rapidly penetrate the skin deep, while greatly enhance the percutaneous absorption rate of cells and tissues, so that maximize result by another ingredients.