Product Description

TSpro 3 SPA Oil

Tri-peptide was a high concentration of amino acids. Mild, nature and hypoallergenic. Effectively for improve hair follicle blood circulation and the rate of metabolic effects. Strengthen the scalp and hair healthly. Can enhance fibroblast collagen proliferation, firming pores. Effective regulation of hormonal enzymes, soothing the problem derived by aging of cells such as wrinkles, stains, water lose. Polygonum multiflorum very precious, need many years to accompany plants. Effective in hair regeneration and becomes black. The sapinda kernel essential oil, is a gift from nature for our hairs' care. Effectively in dissociated the fatty acids from coronavirus, decrease the permeability of viral protein. Contains a natural potent sterilins that make the virus lose its activity. Effectively to solve the problems of dandruff or scalp oil, scalp itchy and head lice.