Banksia 澳洲手工山龍果香薰座

Model: ISB200



由設計師全人手雕空打磨的華麗精緻山龍眼香薰座, 既可作裝飾點綴, 又可讓一室瀰漫著淡淡香氣, 使身心得到放鬆, 有助減壓。只要將尤加利油或其他精華油滴進山龍眼頂部的小孔中, 山龍眼會吸收精華油的氣味, 令房間填滿木香及精華油的香味

Banksia Scent Pot

100% hand made by designer is the feature of the Banksia Scent Pots. Its special and unique shape is not only as decoration. You could inject some essential oil into the hole which from the top of the scent pot. It will absorb the oil and emit fragrance fully in your room.