RENEW shares the world's greatest quality and professional green product series with everyone. We aimed at refreshing traditional values and practices in the society, renewing the contaminated world, and recovering the fresh environment in the Earth.

RENEW makes use of patented biotechnology of its parent company, to get a breakthrough of traditional manufacturing techniques for detergents and powders. Natural ingredients, for instance, citric acid, edible puffing powder, herbal extracts, etc. are used as ingredients of RENEW products. Fluorescent whiteners, chlorine-contained germicidal agents, fragrances, phosphorus, enzyme and petro-chemicals are not added.

RENEW eco-friendly products are highly biodegradable and bring remarkable washing performance. They remove dirts and stains, depress the bacterial activity. Also, they care your skin. Water discharged from cleaning can be re-used on mopping floor and watering plants. Therefore the environment, water resources and human health can be protected.